Why Use A Uniform
When running a successful dentistry business, there are many crucial elements to consider from the treatments you choose to provide and the products/brands that you use, to your team and the way that you run your business, and how your dental firm presents itself to your clients. Creating a professional and stylish look for your dental team is key, and this can easily be done by choosing to opt for a stylish dental uniform look.
At “Team Alpha” we point to five key reasons why a standardised, well designed, uniform can positively impact your dentistry business.

1. Create constancy & brand identity
Having a consistent uniform and brand each time your clients come to an appointment will helps them to trust in your professional business. First impressions always count and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making that same impression each and every time.
What big brands do well, is creating a memorable brand identity, and sticking to it. If you run a dental business, create that brand identity through your look. Whether you’re a one-man band or you employ a whole team, a great place to start with brand identity is with dental uniforms.
Create that polished look and have your team dress in the same style and colour. You can even match your dental uniforms with your branding. Add an extra professional touch and have staff wear a name badge, to make getting to know team members easier for clients.

2. Helping Staff
Help your staff by eliminating the challenge of choosing what to wear each time they get ready for work. Eliminate the stress and make looking professional and stylish for work simple, by choosing to offer a range of uniforms for each of your staff. When you know exactly what you are going to wear for the day, your morning routine can be made much simpler.
Wearing a standardised uniform makes life that little bit easier. In providing several uniforms for staff members, you can ensure they always look smart at work.

3. Feel comfortable and look stylish
Dentistry uniforms are designed with the role of dentists, assistants and receptionists in mind. Our range of scrubs are made specifically to help keep you cool and comfortable during your working day as well as smart dresses, shirts, blouses, pants and skirts for your assistants and receptionists. We focus on comfort ability, functionality and quality so not only can you feel comfortable and able to move freely in your dentistry uniforms all day, you will also look professional.

4. Create seasonal alternatives
When you’ve worked hard to create a look for your dental pracrice and ensured everyone adheres to it, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re unable to stick to your look as the seasons change. During the summer months, dental uniforms that keep you cool and comfortable are a must, and in the winter, a uniform that you can layer is ideal.
We aim to create a variety of uniforms that enable you to keep your brand look going all year round, even on the hottest days of the year and the coldest in the winter. Choose from dresses, scrubs, pants and skirts, and mix and match during the year. Our top tip is to choose a colour that everyone can wear all year round, and then mix and match dentistry uniform styles depending on the season.

5. Industry, client expectations
Be proud of what you do and don’t be afraid to show it, by choosing to wear a dental uniform for your working day that suits your role. While many of our uniforms are subtly stylish, the iconic scrubs clearly communicate what you do.