Health & Beauty

It’s always important to maintain a professional looks when creating a uniform in any business. When working in the health and beauty industries, you want to give your clients confidence in your ability to assist them with their needs. A high quality, elegant uniform is essential in maintaining your professional look and aids in providing your clients with that confidence.

Team Alpha offer a range of medical, nursing and salon garments which when teamed with our high quality branding options will represent your business at its finest. Whether it be scrubs, tunics or stylish tees and polos, we have an option that’s bound to suit your business’ look.

While it’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing uniform, it’s also important for that uniform to be comfortable, durable and functional in the health and beauty industry. In these industries, uniforms are worn by staff who work long shifts and deal with numerous chemicals and substances. Our scrubs and tunics are made with high quality fabrics, soft and lightweight as well as being comfortable to wear.

Wondering if these garments are right for you? We recommend scrubs and tunics for those who work in a number of medical and beauty industries including a veterinary, dentist, beauty salon or clinic, hospital, pharmacy or surgery businesses to name a few.

Your uniform is our priority so you can be confident in our ability to provide you with quality, comfortable and stylish uniforms.

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