Team Alpha are a leading supplier of hi visibility and trade industry workwear in Australia. Our extensive range of garments caters to a vast number of industries providing stylish apparel to suit your workplace requirements.

High quality workwear is critical in assisting to ensure personnel are protected from possible workplace related accidents and injuries.

Our high visibility range ensures all personnel meet their WPH&S standards for day and night, fire-retardant and multiple weather conditions as well as having numerous options of garments such as polo shirts, singlets, vests, jackets, fleecys, polars, pants and more.

Don’t be fooled though, work wear is more than just hi vis garments. We also offer work wear in the form of cotton drill shirts and pants, reflective uniforms and winter garments for colder weather and working conditions.

We offer premium products from reputable work wear suppliers so you can rest assured you’re getting top quality products with unbeatable service.

Workwear Products