Successful practices are built on good service, great reputation, word of mouth referrals and repeat quality clients.

Many of these qualities are based as much on perception as on reality.  That is way it is vital that your practice projects an atmosphere of success, competence and reliability.

The correct uniform policy is essential to building this narrative.

The choice of uniforms may vary throughout your office.  You may want one set of scrubs for those performing surgery on animals and another for when meeting with owners and carers to discuss various options.  Talking to someone who has experience selecting the right garment for each occasion could have a significant impact on the success of your business.

Having a consistent dress policy should start at the door.  The receptionist and support staff should look like they belong to an effective team and should give the impression that they want to be there and look forward to being of assistance.  This attention to detail should work on up from technicians to head staff.  The goal must be to make the customer feel reassured that they have selected the right team and that their animals are being properly treated.

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