Full Length White Chefs Apron CFLA-WHT


Full-Length Chef Aprons are clean & professional; our smart aprons keep you looking great even at the end of a long shift.

Full-Length Chef Aprons are made with durable poly/cotton fabric, a heavyweight fabric that can handle the most demanding culinary environments. The fabric in our Full-Length Chef Aprons is pre-tested for durability and strength, and selected based upon overall endurance as well as optimal wrinkle-resistance, which increases the apron’s longevity and performance.

Full-Length Chef Aprons are extra-long and extra wide with tie. There are no pockets on the Full-Length Chef Aprons.

Available in black and white and size: 101cmL x 96cmW.



65/35 poly/cotton
176g. fabric
Extra wide with tie
Extra long
No pockets
Available in black & white
Size: 101cmL x 96cmW.