Memphis Black Denim Half Apron AW048-BLK


This new Memphis Black Denim Half Apron is part of our Urban Collection, a street-inspired line of culinary apparel that provides the perfect combination of edgy fashion and forward-thinking functionality. Just as stylish as they are practical, every piece serves as an opportunity to look good while working comfortably.

This rugged apron is complimented by its brilliant contrasting features such as the tape ties and topstitching. The 100% cotton denim along with the reinforced stress points will prove to make this a long lasting apron. Keeping you organized while in midst of fashion is simple with the double front pocket on the Memphis Black Denim Half Apron

This Black Denim Half Apron is available in sizes: 48cm L x 72cm W



100% cotton denim
Contrast topstitching
Contrast tape ties
Reinforced stress points
Double front pockets