Waffle Weave White 3/4 Apron A600-WHT-DC


This White Waffle Weave Bistro Apron features textured waffle weave fabric and a patch pocket with pencil divide. Waffle weave fabric makes the apron lightweight and allows greater air flow. It is perfect for restaurants and cafes after a unique, fresh and textured waist apron.

Waffle Weave Bistro Chef Aprons are clean & professional; our smart aprons keep you looking great even at the end of a long shift. This versatile Waffle Weave Bistro Chef Apron is made from durable poly/cotton fabric, a heavyweight fabric that can handle the most demanding culinary environments. The fabric in our Waffle Weave Bistro Chef Aprons is pre-tested for durability and strength, and selected based upon overall endurance as well as optimal wrinkle-resistance. Waffle Weave Bistro Aprons feature reinforced stress points, which increase the apron’s longevity and performance. Waffle Weave Bistro Aprons also feature a patch pocket with pencil divide, to ensure that your apron is functional as it is fashionable. We offer black waffle weave chef aprons and white waffle weave chef aprons. Waffle Weave Bistro Chef Aprons are available in size: 81cm L x 71cm W.



Poly/cotton with soil release
Textured waffle weave
Patch pocket with pencil divide
Available in black & white
Size 81cm L x 71cm W