Screen Printing

Screen Printing has been one of the oldest and the most commonly used method for printing on clothing. It is achieved by removing areas of a stencil which is placed on a mesh screen. Ink is then pressed through, leaving a sharp-edged image onto garments. It produces a clear image with a sharp printing technique. Screen printing is versatile, durable and vibrant.

Screen printing is used widely across a range of apparel and can be used from work uniforms to sports apparel to merchandise for events. The effect gives both a professional and casual feeling depending on the printed design.

Screen printing can be done on a wide range of materials including cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester, and more. Depending on the material-type, some may require a slightly different screen-printing process.

With your employees, family and friends and even customers walking around wearing a screen-printed garment with your branding on it, that’s free advertising! Everywhere people go, the very clothes they are wearing turn them into walking billboards for your company. If you want to ensure people can contact you, include an address, email, or even phone number on the item.


  • Durable
  • Vibrant print finish
  • Able to print large areas
  • Affordable on medium-large quantities
  • Can be printed on a variety of materials